We are a technology company focused on audience acquisition and activation. We make this possible through a vast cross-platform universal reach, segmentation strategies, data processing and optimized results, becoming the leading media company in Latin America.


Our DSP platform provides access to billions of impressions from top quality sites, apps, marketplaces and exchanges, all through a simple, easy to use self-service platform, that provides tons of useful decision-making data and insights.


Learn to get more from your inventory. Maximize your profits and gain access to top performing campaigns from leading brands and advertisers. Our self-service platform will help you manage your inventory and keep track on your earnings.

D’Audience DMP

Our own Data Management Platform fuels our systems so both publishers and advertisers can get the most of every served impression. With proprietary AI and algorithms, we classify Audience in segments and profiles that are truly relevant to our customers.

Simple Integration

Integrate seamlessly with our platform. DMX tools can work with third party applications and tools, so you can just go on using the same ones you’re using right now.


Our Marketplace, our own inventory that accommodates a wide array of advertising opportunities. With publishers variety and worldwide audiences there’s no doubt you can reach your true target, with the added comfort of a self-service platform.