We are a technology company focused on audience acquisition and activation. We make this possible through a vast cross-platform universal reach, segmentation strategies, data processing and optimized results, becoming the leading media company in Latin America.


Our media exchange is formed by cross-platform traffic (display, mobile and other connected devices, even in social and video environment) through own publishers and exclusive partnerships with large media groups and other premium networks and DSPs.

Thanks to the extent of our reach and the data powered engine of our platform our customers have now guaranteed return on their investment, and know they are running on a brand safe environment of their true target audience.

Display, Mobile and other connected devices: our own advertising ecosystem. We combine audiences from different platforms, identify them according to their interests, browsing and particular behavior and serve them ads accordingly. This way advertisers are not paying for bulk traffic, but for their target audience, with regular banners, rich media and video.


Achieving unique brand-audience interaction. Engagement like no other platform can offer. Our customers get the chance to see their target audience participate in non-traditional activities either brand related or sponsored; an experience that brings them closer than ever. Offline events that translate to online emotions.

We combine social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the real world as parties, product launch and other events, using technologies as Bluetooth, NFC, face recognition, touch- interactive surfaces among others to allow the public to experience depths of interaction a brand could only dreamt of a couple of years ago.


We succeeded in building the #1 mobile ad network in LATAM and maintaining a level of global reach that lots of our international competitors wish they had, thanks to our human team and our always evolving technological grounds.

Extreme targeting and programmatic delivery means our advertisers have their ads shown where they actually perform, making their investment effectively work, having our publishers’ inventory achieve higher eCPM and constantly growing their earnings over time.


We develop games and apps that go beyond their intrinsic value. At the same time that we get the regular revenue and benefits that any developer gets, we generate our own inventory and expand our reach, collecting valuable data and statistics and bringing our costumers fresh and innovative branding opportunities.


D’arriens is a technology company focused on audience acquisition and activation. We make this possible through a vast cross-platform universal reach, segmentation strategies, data processing and optimized results, becoming the leading media company in Latin America.

Established in 2009 by professionals with over 10 years in the digital market, with over 70 people distributed in operations based in 5 countries (Brasil, Panama, Mexico, Chile and Argentina) and customers across the five continents, we provide services for the main players in the advertising industry (direct advertisers, agencies and networks) and partners/representatives in the region for the biggest world class networks.

Nicolás Casco
Founder & CEO
Emilio Alfieri
Mobile Director
Giuliano Casco
Director of International Operations
Francisco Vernetti
Country Manager Argentina
Melina Casco
Country Manager Mexico
Guilherme Franco de Souza
Country Manager Brasil
Karin Peters
Country Manager Chile
Pablo Triulzi
Marco Giardini
IT Director
Rodrigo Ritacco
Network Director
Daniel Balistrieri
New Business Director
Alessa Raineri
Finance Manager
Patricia Zenobi
International Business Manager
Melani Dubroff
Dsocial Dsearch Manager
Luciano Pallotti
Operation Manager
Veronica Dychter
Sales Executive
Celeste Fiorenza
Media Manager
Melanie Pitchon
Sales Manager
Mariana Burak
Art Director
Nicolás Cardala
Social Media Manager
Victoria Pueblas
Traffic Coordinator
Mateo Rendon
Business Development Manager
Lorenso Merello
Senior Sales Account Executive
Florencia hidalgo
Sales Executive
Juan Boari
Sales Executive
Belen Moyano
Sales Executive
Joaquin Caballero
Publisher Relations Manager
Felipe Furman
Publisher Relations Manager
Romina Ceschel
Hernán Jojárt
Aldana Mancini
Dsocial Dsearch Analyst
Maria Eugenia Rossi
Dsocial Dsearch Analyst
Mariano Biondi
Dsocial Dsearch Analyst
Candela Pannelli
Administration analyst
Sebastian Soriano
Gonzalo Penas
Media Buyer
Melody Najun
Media Buyer
Florencia Lascialanda
Publisher Relations Executive
Augusto Ghygliotti
Gabriel Olivari
Alexis Casasola
Lucas Cabrera
Fiorella Palluotto
Administration analyst
Guido Antonucci
Jonathan Diaz
Michelle Schreiber
Guido Pagliettini
Guido Bagnasco
Franco Giustini
Sales Executive
Operations Analyst
Sales Executive
Operations Analyst
Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Community Manager & Operations Analyst
María José
Community Manager & Operations Analyst