The following content is not permitted:

    Illegal Content:
  • – Drugs and drug paraphernalia.

  • – Endangered species products.

  • – Libelous, harassing, abusive, unlawful, fraudulent, containing phishing activities from a fraudulent background, where the user is supposed to give personal information (telephone number, bank details and etc.).

  • – Online casinos (excluding IAB9-7), weapons, ammunition (e.g., firearms, fighting knives, stun guns).

  • – Content or materials showing flashing, shaking creatives and misleading banners.

  • – Ads making misleading or deceptive claims.

  • – legal products and services.

    Adult sexual content:
  • – Pornographic

  • – Pedophilia

  • – Incest

  • – Bestiality

  • – Child sexual exploitation

  • – Obscene

  • – Highly suggestive content or that contain sexually explicit images or activity.

    Hate content:
  • – Graphic or explicit violence

  • – Offensive, defamatory, profane, discriminatory or that advocates the superiority of a specific race/ethnic group, national origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, language, status as a veteran or any other legally protected status.

  • Tobacco and tobacco accessories:

  • – Sales and excessive use of tobacco or electronic cigarettes.

    Illegal activities:
  • – Terrorism, criminal activities, information on bomb-making.

  • – Lock-picking, hacking/cracking content.

  • – Incentivized clicks and downloads.

  • – Spyware and illegal hacking: Spyware, Malware, internet abuse, badware, corrupted files viruses, or other materials that are intended to or damage or render inoperable software of hardware.

  • – Unauthorized ticket sales.

    Copyright Infringement:
  • – Copyrighted materials

  • – Counterfeit goods

  • – Copyrighted materials

  • – Counterfeit goods

  • – P2P file-sharing apps, torrent or any apps that facilitate or promote copyright infringement.


Partners may run advertisements that contain the following content, or that promote the following categories of products and services, only as permitted using the relevant IAB categories:

    Alcohol content:
  • – IAB8-5 (Cocktails/Beer)

  • – IAB8-18 (Wine)

    Financial services:
  • – IAB13-1 (Beginning Investing)

  • – IAB13-2 (Credit/Debt & Loans)

  • – IAB13-4 (Financial Planning)

  • – IAB13-5 (Hedge Fund)

  • – IAB13-6 (Insurance)

  • – IAB13-7 (Investing)

  • – IAB13-8 (Mutual Funds)

  • – IAB13-9 (Options)

  • – IAB13-10 (Retirement Planning)

  • – IAB13-11 (Stocks)

    Financial services:
  • – IAB13-1 (Beginning Investing)

  • – IAB13-2 (Credit/Debt & Loans)

  • – IAB13-4 (Financial Planning)

  • – IAB13-5 (Hedge Fund)

  • – IAB13-6 (Insurance)

  • – IAB13-7 (Investing)

  • – IAB13-8 (Mutual Funds)

  • – IAB13-9 (Options)

  • – IAB13-10 (Retirement Planning)

  • – IAB13-11 (Stocks)

    Gambling content:
  • – IAB9-7 (Card Games)

  • Lotteries content:

  • – IAB3-7 (Government)

  • Health and pharmaceutical products and services:

  • – IAB7-5 (Alternative Medicine)

  • Political campaigning:

  • – Political campaigning:


Partners may not use the Darriens platform to target or re-target to users under the age of 13, nor to websites or apps directed to users under the age of 13. In addition to the Restricted Content listed above, Demand Partners may not use the Darriens Service to knowingly market or advertise the following products or services to users under the age of 18:

  • – Alcoholic beverages and related accessories

  • – Weapons, ammunition, or weapons training/certification

  • – Projectile, BB, or pellet guns/devices

  • – Fireworks

  • – Aerosol paint or etching cream capable of defacing property

  • – Tobacco products or accessories, including electronic cigarettes

  • – Any controlled substance or paraphernalia

  • – Drug paraphernalia

  • – Any substance/material containing Salvia divinorum or Salvinorin A

  • – Dietary supplement products

  • – Tanning in an ultraviolet tanning device

  • – Gambling products and services, including lotteries

  • – Body branding such as tattooing, body piercing, or permanent cosmetics

  • – Sexual products and services or content adult in nature


Partners must not serve ads with these creative attributes or behaviors:

  • – (IAB8) – Pop (e.g. Over, Under, or Upon Exit).

  • – (IAB14) – Windows Dialog or Alert Style (e.g. any creative that a user might mistake for an OS or application-level notification rather than an advertisement).

  • – (IAB3) – Expandable (Automatic) – ads that automatically expand without the user’s engagement or action (e.g., click, touch).

  • – Auto-redirect – ads that automatically redirect the user without the user’s engagement or action (e.g., click, touch).

  • – Ads that do not ask the user for permission before initiating any downloads/installations/services/fees. (Click-to-Call and Click-to-Subscribe ads that do not include an intermediary landing page or another prompt that clearly explains the terms and/or fees associated with the call or subscription).


All campaigns and creatives must comply with the following settings:

    Click URL:
  • – The image URL provided must match the user displayed image.

  • Landing page:
  • – If the landing page is to an app store, it has to refer to the correct app store link (e.g., if the device is a Kindle, landing page should go to Kindle app store).

  • Adomain:
  • – Must match the top level domain for the advertiser landing page and must be passed with only top level domain or country code appended (e.g., or In the case of app store destinations, the adomain should represent the app’s equivalent URL and not the full app store URL (e.g., for Candy Crush Saga, the adomain should be “” and not “”). In the case of apps that do not have a registered domain, please use [app name].com (e.g.,com).

  • IAB Category:
  • – Campaigns must set up with the appropriate category in order to receive the right traffic from suitable publishers and placements.


All creatives must be marked with the appropriate attributes. Common attributes used are:

  • – (IAB6) – In-Banner Video Ad.

  • – (IAB10) – Shaky, Flashing or Flickering banner with extreme animation, smileys.

  • – (IAB11) – Mobile subscription campaigns that ask the user for permission before initiating any download/install/service/fees. This must include an intermediary landing page or other.

  • – (IAB15) – In-Banner Video Ad that has audio on/off button.

  • – (IAB16) – In-Banner Video Ad that can be skipped (e.g. skip button on preroll video).


Creatives consisting of video have to abide by to these additional restrictions:

  • – The number of video ad calls must be limited up to 100.

  • – Maximum total video size must be limited up to 1000KB.

  • – Maximum total video duration must be limited up to 15 seconds.


In order to maintain high-quality ad serving and high user experience, we require each creative to be approved by our ad quality team before it can be served. Creatives are always reviewed within 24 business hours.

    The following reasons may cause creatives to be disqualified:
  • – An excessive number of video ad calls, file size or duration time (as described above under the ‘Video settings’ section).

  • – Video stuffing.

  • – Any kind of malvertising.

  • – Using blacklisted domain.

  • – Malicious, malware or misleading content.

  • Your use of Darriens’s services is subject to our Terms of Service, license agreements, privacy policies, content policies and our other legal rights. If we suspect that an ad is in violation of our rights or policies, then we may stop it from running, and it may no longer be accepted in NUVIAD. We may also decrease your QPS, and block certain creatives, landing pages, or content. In some cases, including but not limited to multiple or severe violations of our rights or policies, we may suspend or terminate your account. Please note that the policy may update from time to time. It is the partner responsibility to keep up to date and adhere. If you fail to abide the guidelines of this policy, it may lead to the suspension of your Darriens account. If you have any questions about any of our creative ad restrictions or policy guidelines, please contact your account team or

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